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Can you tell me how I should go about Brand Registry?

Do I wait until my units are manufactured and shipped from the manufacturer (manufacturing will take several weeks) or do I create my Amazon professional account and apply for brand approval right away?

Also, do I understand that I must have a Trade Mark submitted in my country before applying for Brand Registry. I’ve seen conflicting info on this and wanted to be on the safe side.

Thanks a million!

Create a professional account and apply for brand registry right away.

Apply for a trademark first, and then for brand registry with Amazon. After getting the brand approved, get your products manufactured in bulk. For brand registry, create a few mockups of your product with the trademark.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Amazon private label.


First of all, you should select a brand name and create a logo for it. After this, you must apply for a trademark, as it can take 15 days for approval. Once you get approval, you can do a brand registry on Amazon and upload professional A+ content.

Please let me know if you need any help!

Thank you!

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Thanks for your answers

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You’re welcome.

You should create your Amazon Professional account and apply for Brand Registry as soon as possible. You do need a registered trademark or a pending trademark application to apply for Brand Registry. It’s best to have your trademark submitted in your country before applying for Brand Registry to avoid delays.