£30 Pro charge on account and i did not sign up for a Pro account i would like a refund

Could you please sort this out for me and give me a refund i had no idea about any charges for making a seller account and i never even used the account once. I have been charge £30 fees and would like a refund.


The monthly subscription fee is part of the standard Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement to which you agreed when you created your Professional Selling Plan account.

Your payment method on file will keep getting charged unless you downgrade your Seller Account into Individual, regardless of it’s status or whether you are actively selling.

Your agreement with Amazon can be viewed here:


Here you can downgrade the account to prevent it from being charged again:


and then, as long as you haven’t sold anything and your account is in a good standing, open a case with the Seller Support, requesting to have any prior subscription fees refunded, using this link: