1st FBA Shipment - 12 days since delivery

Hi all,

I shipped my first batch of stock to Amazon and it arrived, tracked, confirmed delivered by Royal Mail on 8th June to Doncaster/LBA4. Since then it’s not changed to checked in status and i’ve not been notified of any issues.

It’s a single box with single SKu x 50 inside. All labelled correctly.

Is this delay usual, either with first stock or that centre? There seems to be no way to get help until it has been checked in!


Hi, @Sarah,

The length of time between delivered and checked in has nothing to do with your first shipment. It has lots to do with how busy that fulfillment center is. Twelve days is not that long of a period.


Oh, thanks. I am just being too paranoid !

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Undertandible, especially for a first shipment.

Best wishes…

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